Every one of our Trees can be 99.9% reproduced. Even after many years we will be able to deliver the Tree with the same fit and look like a tree that is in a saddle that you buy today.

The very base of our saddles, the saddle tree, is made in house and is the most precise and symmetrical tree you will ever find. Our SYMMETREES™ are a result of A. Maschke’s decade long research, testing, designing and always improving of new saddle tree concepts.

The breeding goals of disciplines such as reining, cutting, and Western pleasure have become increasingly specialized in the last 20 years. Thus, the breeds and their discipline-related characteristics have evolved, requiring special attention to the fit of a saddle tree.

In close cooperation with some of the most successfull trainers, we developed a variety of saddle trees, that not only cover most of today’s performance horses, but also improved performance of the horses and riders in the showrings worldwide. 

AM has manufactured his own saddle trees, placing special emphasis on symmetry and contemporary fit since 2003. His production results in the creation of custom saddle trees of various styles and configurations.  Maschke saddle trees ensure consistent quality, precision and efficiency as well as exact fit.   The same applies to reproduction of an older tree. Highest customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a warranty of 25 years assuming correct use. (accidental damage or improper use of a saddle are excluded from the warranty).

Thank you for your interest!

This was an unusual test to see how strong our trees are, but a saddle Tree is first and foremost a frame for the saddle that is built around it and it is it’s function to distribute the weight of the rider to the horses back.

It is not made to- and not structurally strong enough to be flipped over with a horse during “certain” training methods, or as a result of an accident.